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Upstream On Demand: Land Payment Integration Demo

Say goodbye to inefficiencies, data redundancy, inconsistent datasets, manual or off-system processes, and difficult reconciliations caused by multiple software solutions and embrace a cohesive, integrated approach to achieve greater success in managing your company's Land and Accounting operations.

In this demo, learn how On Demand Accounting integrates seamlessly with On Demand Land to ensure data is not entered twice nor lost. Solution Architects, Kevin McArthur and Richard Cheng walks through the entire process of sending master data (e.g. owners, wells, cost objects, etc.) to Land along with creating and approving a payment within Land to process in Accounting. ​

Key Learnings:

  1. Overview of what data is sent between Land and Accounting​.
  2. For Land users, introduction to Payment Workflow to enable two, three, or however many levels needed to approve a payment before sending to Accounting to ensure SOX compliance.
  3. Understand how a payment is generated in Accounting with the payment status sent back to Land, so users can stay within Land.