Oil & Gas Overviews

Browse our product overviews to learn more about how Quorum can help oil & gas companies increase efficiency and cost savings.

  • Measurement as a Service

    Measurement as a Service

    See the services that Coastal Flow offers that add value to your measurement processes.

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  • EnergyIQ Competitive Intelligence

    EnergyIQ Competitive Intelligence

    Competitive Intelligence oil and gas software from EnergyIQ provides an E&P company with access to the best commercial information to increase efficiency and build a competitive advantage.

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  • EnergyIQ Well Master

    EnergyIQ Well Master

    Well Master from EnergyIQ Software is the leading oil and gas software for automating the capture, quality control, and management of multiple sources of technical data across the full well lifecycle.

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  • EnergyIQ Lifecycle Automation

    EnergyIQ Lifecycle Automation

    EnergyIQ Lifecycle Automation oil and gas software is the solution for automating workflows and business processes across the E&P enterprise.

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  • OGsys On Demand

    OGsys On Demand

    From web-based access to custom reporting, understand what makes OGsys On Demand the right fit for small business.

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  • FLOWCAL by Quorum Software

    FLOWCAL by Quorum Software

    See how your company can benefit from the most robust gas and liquids measurement data management system in the industry - FLOWCAL by Quorum Software.

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  • myQuorum DynamicDocs

    myQuorum DynamicDocs

    Learn how dynamic document classification and search improves document management and saves you time and money.

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  • myQuorum Data Hub

    myQuorum Data Hub

    myQuorum Data Hub provides access to easy-to-use, accurate Quorum data for business users and analysts to build reports and analysis in the tool of their choice.

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  • myQuorum Cost Accounting

    myQuorum Cost Accounting

    myQuorum Cost Accounting helps you maximize every dollar flowing through your system by tracking partner expenses, project budgets, and asset depreciation.

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  • myQuorum Production On Demand

    myQuorum Production On Demand

    Focus on solving problems rather than finding them with integrated field data capture, operations management, and production reporting.

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  • WellEz On Demand

    WellEz On Demand

    Well lifecycle reporting with cloud-based technology, pay-as-you-grow pricing, and an easy-to-use application supported by personalized service and 24/7 support.

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  • myQuorum Lease Management

    myQuorum Lease Management

    Complete, web-based solution that offers industry-proven functionality and workflow automation for lease and title analysts, land administrators, landmen, and other land professionals.

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  • myQuorum Land Management

    myQuorum Land Management

    Read the Land Management Overview to see how your company can benefit from a single source for managing leases, contracts, fee properties, and more.

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  • myQuorum Land On Demand

    myQuorum Land On Demand

    Find out how you can be up and running in days with Quorum's cloud-based land management software preconfigured for growing E&P companies.

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  • myQuorum Lease Acquisition

    myQuorum Lease Acquisition

    Learn more about the industry’s most widely adopted lease acquisition software, integrated with leading land management from Quorum.

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  • Quorum GIS Mapping

    Quorum GIS Mapping

    Gain insight across land acquisition, title management, and land management by visualizing your data in a spatial (map) view.

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  • Quorum Right of Way Management

    Quorum Right of Way Management

    Learn how to maximize efficiency and productivity with user-friendly right of way management software from Quorum.

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  • Quorum eCalendar

    Quorum eCalendar

    Read more about online and calendar-based payment and obligation management software, integrated with leading land management from Quorum.

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  • Quorum Land Management Canada

    Quorum Land Management Canada

    Manage the entire life cycle of your land assets with Quorum Land Management Canada.

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  • myQuorum Accounting

    myQuorum Accounting

    Learn how to simplify accounting processes and improve reporting with transparent workflows and user-friendly dashboards.

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