Oil & Gas Overviews

Browse our product overviews to learn more about how Quorum can help oil & gas companies increase efficiency and cost savings.

  • OGsys On Demand

    OGsys On Demand

    From web-based access to custom reporting, understand what makes OGsys On Demand the right fit for small business.

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  • FLOWCAL by Quorum Software

    FLOWCAL by Quorum Software

    See how your company can benefit from the most robust gas and liquids measurement data management system in the industry - FLOWCAL by Quorum Software.

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  • myQuorum DynamicDocs

    myQuorum DynamicDocs

    Learn how dynamic document classification and search improves document management and saves you time and money.

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  • MOSAIC Acquisitions & Divestitures

    MOSAIC Acquisitions & Divestitures

    Deliver evaluations of upside economics immediately to understand the business impacts of A&D decisions.

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  • myQuorum Data Hub

    myQuorum Data Hub

    myQuorum Data Hub provides access to easy-to-use, accurate Quorum data for business users and analysts to build reports and analysis in the tool of their choice.

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  • MOSAIC Reserves Management

    MOSAIC Reserves Management

    Deliver immediate economic results to stakeholders with unified reserves management that is accurate, secure, and auditable.

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  • MOSAIC Petroleum Economics

    MOSAIC Petroleum Economics

    Rely on the fastest, most complete economic engine for the best decisions, at the right time, with the most accurate data.

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  • MOSAIC Capital Management

    MOSAIC Capital Management

    Focus on critical decisions that support your business strategy through efficient tracking, review, and reforecasting of capital.

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  • MOSAIC by Quorum Software

    MOSAIC by Quorum Software

    Improve reserves processing time from five weeks down to five days on average.

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  • MOSAIC Budget Planning

    MOSAIC Budget Planning

    Create confidence in budget, planning, and forecasting across teams to drive greater insight throughout your business.

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  • myQuorum Cost Accounting

    myQuorum Cost Accounting

    myQuorum Cost Accounting helps you maximize every dollar flowing through your system by tracking partner expenses, project budgets, and asset depreciation.

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  • myQuorum Production On Demand

    myQuorum Production On Demand

    Focus on solving problems rather than finding them with integrated field data capture, operations management, and production reporting.

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  • WellEz On Demand

    WellEz On Demand

    Well lifecycle reporting with cloud-based technology, pay-as-you-grow pricing, and an easy-to-use application supported by personalized service and 24/7 support.

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  • myQuorum Lease Management

    myQuorum Lease Management

    Complete, web-based solution that offers industry-proven functionality and workflow automation for lease and title analysts, land administrators, landmen, and other land professionals.

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  • myQuorum Land Management

    myQuorum Land Management

    Read the Land Management Overview to see how your company can benefit from a single source for managing leases, contracts, fee properties, and more.

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  • myQuorum Land On Demand

    myQuorum Land On Demand

    Find out how you can be up and running in days with Quorum's cloud-based land management software preconfigured for growing E&P companies.

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  • myQuorum Lease Acquisition

    myQuorum Lease Acquisition

    Learn more about the industry’s most widely adopted lease acquisition software, integrated with leading land management from Quorum.

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  • Quorum GIS Mapping

    Quorum GIS Mapping

    Gain insight across land acquisition, title management, and land management by visualizing your data in a spatial (map) view.

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  • Quorum Right of Way Management

    Quorum Right of Way Management

    Learn how to maximize efficiency and productivity with user-friendly right of way management software from Quorum.

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  • Quorum eCalendar

    Quorum eCalendar

    Read more about online and calendar-based payment and obligation management software, integrated with leading land management from Quorum.

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