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Unlocking the Strategic Value of Cloud in Energy

Between macroeconomic forces and geopolitical tensions, most energy operators find themselves navigating a complex web of challenges. Yet during these times of uncertainty amid a digital transformation, the clearest path exists in cloud adoption.

The Oil & Gas Technology Crossroads

A decision must be made; remain on a trajectory of tradition or venture forth into the cloud where innovation, agility, and success collide. The state of the energy industry is shaped by change and propelled by technological advancement. From the expansive oilfields of the Middle East to the wind-swept plains of the American Midwest, the transformative potential of cloud migration defies limitation.

For many, cloud adoption involves a variety of technical complexities, security concerns, and regulatory challenges to overcome.

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Key Trends in Cloud: Webinar

Allow this webinar to help you decide. Watch as industry leaders from Quorum Software and Amazon Web Services (AWS) discuss key trends of cloud migration and look beyond cost-saving opportunities. Discover other advantages across the energy value chain and areas of interest including:

  • Onboarding a new LNG terminal
  • Safeguarding mission-critical production data
  • Supporting energy transition objectives
  • Latest technology trends in the energy industry
  • Cloud strategies across the energy value chain
  • Strategic value of digital transformation for business performance