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Webinar: “Unlocking the Strategic Value of Cloud in Energy”

It’s no secret that digital has infiltrated virtually every industry. With the shifting systems in the energy sector, cloud technology is the beacon of efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. “Unlocking the Strategic Value of Cloud in Energy,” a captivating webinar hosted by the Oil & Gas Journal, placed this transformation under the spotlight. Insights from Quorum Software and Amazon Web Services (AWS) illuminated the session, charting the cloud’s transformative journey across the energy landscape.

Empowering Hydrocarbon Management with AWS

As a global leader in the energy industry, Quorum Software is empowered by a partnership with AWS to offer increasingly advanced hydrocarbon management services. Their recently-awarded AWS Energy Competency Partner status serves as a testament to Quorum’s innovative well of expertise in the energy business.

Insights and Digital Transformation

The webinar provides unique insights from Rahul Grover of AWS, alongside Alexandra Gajewski and Girish Mandhania of Quorum Software. Together they shed light upon the industry's broader shift towards digitalization, citing the transformative journey of Energy Components. This Quorum Software solution, initially a desktop application, has evolved into a cloud-based service.

Enhancing Operations with Cloud Technology

From cost optimization and enhanced capital returns, to improving safety across the oil and gas value chain -- the cloud's efficient, scalable, and secure operations enable access to advanced solutions for any company, regardless of IT sophistication.

Democratizing Technology in Energy

The speakers emphasize AWS's commitment to sustainability and innovation and the critical role of cloud technology in democratizing advanced technological solutions within the energy sector. This accessibility connects mid-tier operations and emerging markets like LNG terminals to more sophisticated hydrocarbon management solutions, minimizing initial capital expenditure on software infrastructure.

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Other key takeaways include the crucial role of cloud expertise for understanding the total cost of ownership while highlighting the importance of an in-house IT infrastructure. Quorum Software offers their customers transparency through pricing models and agility gained from cloud technology. Their customers gain confidence as they remove any need for software installation with live demonstrations and proof-of-concept environments.

Security in the Cloud Era

Speakers Mandhania, Gajewski, and Grover also address the idea of security, a common concern in the adoption of cloud software. AWS notes substantial investments made in physical infrastructure, down to the silicon level and how they have optimized computational capacity, enhancing security for Quorum's solutions. In doing this, they point to various efforts including the deployment of a satellite group which forms a secure mesh network for the security and efficiency of remote operations.

A New Age for the Energy Sector

The paradigm shift towards the strategic importance of cloud technology in the energy sector is well exemplified by Quorum Software's Energy Components. The partnership between Quorum Software and AWS stands as a pivotal force in equipping the energy industry with the tools and infrastructure necessary to navigate its evolving landscape.

Watch the Full Webinar for In-Depth Insights

For greater detail, in case you missed it, a more in-depth examination of the subject is available online when you watch the full webinar.