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Optimizing Hydrocarbon Management with Energy Components

When purpose fuels potential and data guides decisions, the results are informed actions and meaningful impact. For more than 25 years, data-driven decisions have been optimizing production, profitability, and operational excellence. These decisions are delivered by Energy Components, the gold standard hydrocarbon accounting software and used by hundreds across the world for the effective management and tracking of hydrocarbons.

Supermajors, NOCs, and IOCs in more than 60 countries rely on the industry’s most comprehensive tool used by players in every global oil and gas market—from upstream to midstream and LNG operations. Energy Components has evolved through collaboration with companies who have realized the power of digital transformation, allowing it to bring exponential value in performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Upstream Oil and Gas

A comprehensive solution within upstream oil and gas, Energy Components improves accuracy and increases profitability by closely tracking all hydrocarbons. Powered by cloud technology, it can keep records from the moment hydrocarbons leave a reservoir, all the way to their transport from intermediate storage, tracking production across onshore and offshore rigs.

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Energy Components allows the allocation of production and sales quantities back to wells, fields, and owners. When delivered in the cloud in collaboration with Amazon Web Service (AWS), it has enhanced collaboration, automated operations, and optimized processes, globally. It provides comprehensive support for managing deferment and losses, automatically collecting well and equipment data from data historians, while also automatically validating and correcting the data.

For one Latin-American energy firm, Energy Components improved the alignment on calculations and workflows through standardization, enhancing the company’s effectiveness of their operations and reliability of business performance.

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It also provides emission auditability and traceability with environment and emissions management. Through automated processes and comprehensive hydrocarbon reporting, Energy Components streamlines emissions calculations, hydrocarbon data allocation, and real-time detection of responses.

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Midstream and LNG

Energy Components’ Midstream solutions optimize and automate an LNG export business—whether it’s based on a tolling, merchant, equity, or hybrid business model. As an end-to-end solution for LNG operations, it offers fully integrated commercial management of all terminal services while ensuring fair and prudent treatment of terminal users with the highest efficiency, auditability, and security compliance. It also manages commercial obligations, accurately tracking current and future JV partner entitlements in a secure and auditable way. Energy Components’ cloud-based data analysis inspires agility and faster decision-making.

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The Energy Components Difference

Energy Components is trusted by over 100 oil and gas companies with 650 licenses across 60 countries. It serves every industry supermajor, setting the standard for hydrocarbon accounting and management software.

From forecasting to accounting, Energy Components meticulously tracks reservoir extractions, consumption, reinjections, disposals, and oversees the delivery and transportation of oil and gas. It better manages cost and operating risks with data inherently existent within the system and a strong set of cloud-forward features, automation, and enterprise capabilities.

This comprehensive suite of solutions is tailored to meet evolving and unique needs required by a global operator. Establishing itself as an indispensable tool to ensure seamless hydrocarbon management with continuous innovations led by customer collaboration, Energy Components drives operational excellence with reduced OPEX, well allocation, and commercial management , and decision support.

See for yourself how Energy Components delivers world-class hydrocarbon accounting and management solutions to strengthen upstream, midstream, and LNG operations.

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