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Achieving Excellence with Quorum's Managed Services

Discover cost-saving strategies used by the energy industry's leading companies in partnership with Quorum Software. It’s hard to deny first-hand experience when it comes to customer satisfaction from excellence in managed services.

Managed Services: Inspiring Transformation

Entering the world of managed services can transform an oil and gas operation. Learn more about how it can be done in a new webinar presented by Baskaran Susaimanickam, of ONEOK, Buddy Gray of Lighthouse Midstream, and Andy Brady of Energy Transfer, moderated by Christina Le, Director at Quorum. These thought leaders join in a panel discussion of the past, present, and future of managed services. Gain powerful insights taken from their shared experiences in working with Quorum, and what the future projections may hold from those who know.

Key Learnings:

  1. What inspires many companies to move to managed services
  2. Cost-savings involved in managed services
  3. How managed services drives positive customer experiences
  4. Future trends set to influence managed services