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EAG Foundations Uses Quorum's On Demand Data Hub Empowering Self-Service Data Analysis in the Energy

As the demand for better data and self-service capabilities continues to rise, energy industry customers are seeking efficient access to data without relying on traditional methods that involve repeated interactions with IT departments. Additionally, new personnel entering the industry expect immediate access to data for analysis, rather than following traditional data retrieval channels. Addressing these challenges requires a robust data management solution that enables self-service analytics while ensuring data integrity and security.

EAG Foundations, a data warehouse-as-a-service, has emerged as a transformative solution for the energy industry. By hosting the data warehouse and facilitating connections with common industry applications, EAG Foundations empowers analysts, operators, and clients to perform their own data analysis. Leveraging Power BI's standardized reports, Foundations offers a turnkey approach, delivering actionable insights within hours, rather than months or years. Quorum Software's On Demand Data Hub serves as the foundation for building Power BI reports, fostering direct communication with industry experts and making data easily consumable and accessible.

EAG Foundations, in collaboration with Quorum's On Demand Data Hub, has become an indispensable tool for energy industry clients. It not only improves overall data governance by providing a single source of truth but also enables clients to confidently share validated reports with their partner LOS in a secure manner. By eliminating manual processes and empowering self-service capabilities, Foundations has significantly enhanced operational efficiency. Looking ahead, the integration of other industry tools, such as OpenInvoice and spatial components for visualizing data on maps, demonstrates the platform's commitment to continuous improvement. Furthermore, the expansion into new verticals, including production accounting and full well lifecycle data, showcases the evolving nature of On Demand Data Hub, with Quorum Software and its partners working closely together to align features and functions with evolving datasets without disrupting existing reports.