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Three Reasons E&P Majors Choose Quorum's On Demand Production Software

There are a number of constantly evolving factors driving today’s production challenges including regulations, workforce, processes, and technology. Companies strive to be leaner, more efficient, and more agile, but with siloed workflows between the field and office and disparate systems, it's even more complicated to overcome these operational obstacles.

To manage these hurdles, many leading oil & gas companies choose Quorum’s On Demand Production Operations software. On Demand Production Operations is part of Quorum’s Upstream On Demand suite and is an end-to-end production management solution that combines SCADA, field data capture, production allocation, and regulatory reporting. It's built on the Microsoft Azure platform that allows operators to review production volumes and downtime directly in the field via a mobile app, while the web platform provides data visualization and workflows, and provides an allocation diagram tool for teams in the back office. In other words, one suite to bring together multiple teams across multiple locations.

Quorum’s On Demand Production enables efficiency improvements in a number of key areas, allowing oil & gas companies to focus less on day-to-day minutiae and more on optimizing operations:

  1. Quorum’s On Demand Suite connects the field with back-office making the data available to everyone in the organization. By capturing meter readings and tank gauges in the field (electronically from flow computers or using the mobile app) and real-time allocation results providing visibility into how every molecule is accounted for, users within the system achieve fast and actionable insights across the organization. What’s more, native integration between production operations and revenue accounting allows teams to clearly connect how the sales proceeds are dispersed between owners – further connecting the field to office with shared data and workflows within the same suite.
  2. The cloud-native suite enables new features to be deployed quickly and effectively. Being truly cloud native means that all customers are always on the latest version and can benefit from innovation and new features immediately, without needing to upgrade. For example, as regulatory requirements change, the software is updated seamlessly to stay current.
  3. Powers faster back-end reporting. Quorum’s Upstream On Demand suite includes a hosted data warehouse, allowing organizations to create reports and dashboards that address their unique needs and challenges. Not only does On Demand Production Operations automate dataflow from the wellhead to the back office, but it also integrates seamlessly with Quorum’s complete Upstream On Demand suite that connects the entire upstream workflow across land, accounting, well operations, and production operations. The power of a single integrated suite provides flexibility for reporting to improve visibility across the organization and reduces manual intervention.

Interested in learning more about the efficiency improvements one of North America’s largest producers of natural gas and natural gas liquids has seen since adopting Quorum’s Upstream On Demand solution? Tune into our webinar with Kelly Vandamme, Director of Revenue at Ovintiv, to learn about their success story.

You can also visit Quorum’s dedicated Upstream On Demand content hub to see more customer success stories and download our free resources to get started.