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OGJ + Quorum: Proving ROI with Integrated Asset Planning Technology

When faced with market uncertainties, upstream organizations should be armed with accurate data to make quick, fact-based decisions. Planning teams, engineers, and operations are at the forefront of these decisions, running complex scenarios to forecast and remain agile in a volatile market. However, too many have experienced the erosion of potential value that can come from the poor planning or execution of a well-delivery program. Luckily, technology solutions today integrate to facilitate a holistic approach to asset development planning that increases efficiency across teams, delivers decision-ready data, and maximizes return on investment from planning to execution.

Forward-thinking organizations have adopted these integrated solutions with powerful simulations to produce achievable development plans for any play type, and then rapidly adapt those plans as market and field realities change. This roundtable discussion features planning and solutions experts who have brought this technology to market and proven return on investment with improved asset development planning.

Topics covered:

  • Asset development planning best practices
  • Analyzing development scenarios to improve planning
  • How to calculate ROI for your well-delivery program