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My Quorum: A Modernization Journey

Over the past year, our dedicated team has been immersed in enhancing the My Quorum suite, and we are thrilled to unveil the results of our hard work with the Reimagined UI. This exciting transformation is a direct response to customers feedback, and we are delighted to take you through some key highlights from this journey.

Our primary objective was to elevate the overall usability of the My Quorum Applications. Guided by your insights, we've made targeted improvements across various application areas:

  • Enhanced Visuals: A refined color palette, optimized for better readability, now graces the interface. We've carefully clarified data input fields, ensuring a seamless experience while interacting with your data.
  • Streamlined Navigation: We've reimagined the open screen functionality, introducing an interface reminiscent of browser tabs. This transformation empowers you to effortlessly navigate within the application.
  • Smart Space Management: Every screen now boasts smart layouts, maximizing space utilization. This means less wastage and significantly reduced scrolling – a boon for fluid navigation.
  • Requested and Delivered: One highly anticipated addition, which garnered substantial votes on User Voice, is the introduction of copy and paste functionality within grids. We've also elevated the Bulk View Edit feature, exposed the grid toolbar for quicker access, and added an extra layer of finesse to the styling.

We recognize that change can be both exciting and challenging. Thus, alongside these enhancements, we've invested considerable effort in Change Management. We've designed in-app user guides to guide you through these changes seamlessly.

The Reimagined UI is yours to embrace, and we're excited to see the impact it'll have on your My Quorum experience.