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On Demand Land Demo

Everyone knows what it’s like to waste too much time on data entry while leaving too little room for analysis. But what do they really know about finding a real solution?

The Competitive Advantage

On Demand Land truly presents a distinct competitive edge to those who choose our solution. Achieving a competitive advantage through an integrated application allows for real-time interaction, leveraging vast data and innovative technology exclusive to the cloud.

On Demand Land Demonstration

Join Quorum's Solution Architect in a quick demo to learn how On Demand Land provides expedition of the decision-making processes. This expert-led demonstration will walk you through the process of reducing data entry time and allow you to enhance your focus and attention on analysis—be it textual or spatial

After watching this brief instructional video, users will understand how On Demand Land empowers them to achieve more in less time.

Key Highlights: 

  1. Optimized data and document management with automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  2. Faster decision making by visualizing assets with built-in web map and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  3. Time saving feature, Data Loader for mass data loads and changes.