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Measurement Software Evaluation: Interview with Howard Energy Partners

Sr. Director Jeremy Rieger with Howard Energy Partners accounts his recent experience with evaluating oil and gas measurement solutions.

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Choosing the right measurement solution is no small undertaking. It requires a detailed cost-benefit analysis, extremely specific requirements scoping, and input from various stakeholders throughout the entire organization. In this interview, Jeremy Rieger, Senior Director with Howard Energy Partners, accounts his recent experience with the process.

Howard Energy Partners is a Midstream Operations Company focused on growing and expanding their business across the United States and Mexico. Howard owns and operates 1200 miles of pipeline moving 1.8 BCF per day, multiple terminals for crude oil, refined products, and NGLs that move upwards of 240,000 thousand barrels a day, and a number of gas processing plants and treating facilities in excess of 155,000 horsepower of compression.