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Birch Permian Saves Time and Money Utilizing Enersight for Efficient Evergreen Planning

Discover how Enersight helped Birch Permian compare various development scenarios and optimize their production profit.

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Birch Permian is an oil and gas company that operates in the Permian Basin in Texas, United States. The company was facing challenges in optimizing their planning and asset development processes, which were time-consuming and expensive. In an effort to improve their operations, Birch Permian decided to adopt Enersight software, an asset development model that uses advanced analytics to improve asset performance and profitability.

The integration of Enersight software has resulted in significant time and cost savings for Birch Permian. The software has streamlined the planning process, significantly reducing the time needed to create production forecasts. This has enabled the company to quickly evaluate different development scenarios and identify the most profitable options. Additionally, the software has improved collaboration among teams and departments, allowing for more effective decision-making.