Qnections Technology Expo

Welcome to the Qnections 2021 Technology Expo! Only attendees have access to this VIP product showcase. Browse demonstrations of key features and critical functions from the full suite of Quorum and Aucerna software. Want to see more? Connect with us for a deeper look into any topic pertinent to you. Simply submit your request through the schedule a demo form and we’ll get back with you shortly.

  • Upstream: Accounts Payable11:22

    Upstream: Accounts Payable

    Learn how myQuorum Accounts Payable can help users with quick coding of the invoice by using bulk edit, import from Excel, copy/paste invoice coding for that vendor, or copy saved favorite coding.

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  • Upstream: Division Order13:40

    Upstream: Division Order

    Use myQuorum Division Order to establish and maintain revenue and billing decks, define royalty burdens, and account for special owner distribution and exemption scenarios.

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  • Upstream: Document Management10:30

    Upstream: Document Management

    DynamicDocs is built for oil and gas operators that need to classify, centralize, and search for land, accounting, and well files.

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  • AWS is a proud sponsor at Qnections21!

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  • Upstream: EnergyIQ Well Data Management25:00

    Upstream: EnergyIQ Well Data Management

    EnergyIQ well master data management software delivers the most trusted data to E&P companies for robust analytics and workflow optimization.

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  • Upstream: myQuorum Land Management13:45

    Upstream: myQuorum Land Management

    Learn about Quorum's complete, web-based solution that offers industry-proven functionality and workflow automation for land professionals.

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  • Upstream: Production Operations21:40

    Upstream: Production Operations

    Learn everything you need to know about Quorum's cloud-based Production Suite and how it connects your field operations with the back office to deliver real-time insights and immediate value.

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  • Enverus is a proud sponsor at Qnections21!

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  • Upstream: Integrating myQuorum Accounting & Land13:08

    Upstream: Integrating myQuorum Accounting & Land

    Learn how Quorum Accounting and Land applications share data to keep the land and accounting staff informed of common data and monthly accounting processes.

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  • Upstream: JIB Automatic Overhead Charges8:41

    Upstream: JIB Automatic Overhead Charges

    With Quorum's JIB function, you can automatically generate and book overhead charges every month to include in your billing process.

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  • Upstream: Landdox Land Management10:22

    Upstream: Landdox Land Management

    Learn how Landdox is easily customizable and amazingly intuitive so your land teams will accomplish their duties faster, more accurately, and with less manpower.

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  • EAG Services is a proud sponsor at Qnections21!

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  • Upstream: Revenue Accounting20:40

    Upstream: Revenue Accounting

    myQuorum Revenue Accounting gives you the speed and accuracy you need to maintain compliant and efficient operations with automated check processing, adjustment processing, and valuation.

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  • Measurement: FLOWCAL14:36

    Measurement: FLOWCAL

    Learn how FLOWCAL streamlines processes while ensuring compliance, accuracy and accountability with a single source of truth for gas and liquid measurement data.

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  • Measurement: TESTit Field Calibration & Scheduling12:45

    Measurement: TESTit Field Calibration & Scheduling

    Learn how measurement data from the field can be recorded, maintained, and managed within TESTit to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the measurement system at the office.

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  • Sponsor: AUTOSOL

    Sponsor: AUTOSOL

    AUTOSOL provides software that can individually or collectively solve SCADA and EFM/AMR Data Collection and Delivery problems.

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  • Midstream: Crude Transportation5:18

    Midstream: Crude Transportation

    Learn about the energy industry’s only purpose-built crude management solution with integrated scheduling, accounting, and customer portal.

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  • Midstream: e-ONE Marketing & Logistics17:38

    Midstream: e-ONE Marketing & Logistics

    Learn how e-ONE can help automate your front, mid, and back-office functions through capturing complex deals and generating costs real-time.

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  • Sponsor: Boxley Group0:35

    Sponsor: Boxley Group

    Boxley Group delivers solid industry experience as subject matter experts & project managers over implementations and acquisition migrations with leading-edge disruptive tools and innovation.

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  • Midstream: Gas Pipeline Management13:20

    Midstream: Gas Pipeline Management

    Learn how myQuorum Pipeline Management is helping and streamlining end-to-end commercial operations for transportation providers.

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  • Midstream: Gas Marketing17:52

    Midstream: Gas Marketing

    Learn how Quorum Gas Marketing is helping and streamlining end-to-end commercial operations for natural gas marketers.

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  • Midstream: TIPS Plant Accounting17:08

    Midstream: TIPS Plant Accounting

    Learn how to use TIPS for optimizing gas gathering and processing starts with scheduling and accounting.

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  • Sponsor: CapGemini

    Sponsor: CapGemini

    Learn about 890 by CapGemini.

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