Planning, Reserves, & Execution

  • The Combined Product Vision With Aucerna + Quorum33:41

    The Combined Product Vision With Aucerna + Quorum

    Hear from Quorum product leaders about our vision for the combined capabilities of Aucerna and Quorum, as well as how those can come together to add even more value to our customers.

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  • Integrated Planning, Execution, & Reserves52:13

    Integrated Planning, Execution, & Reserves

    Learn about the increasing role that reporting plays in day-to-day management and operations.

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  • Aucerna's Cloud Vision52:26

    Aucerna's Cloud Vision

    The Aucerna product portfolio is moving to the cloud. What does that mean for your product and when is that happening? Join this session to learn more.

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  • Aucerna FP&A Capabilities51:03

    Aucerna FP&A Capabilities

    Planning Space has a wide range of capabilities, including financial planning and analysis. This session covers recent development that standardizes the FP&A functions and makes them easier to use.

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  • What's Happening With Aucerna Execute1:00:17

    What's Happening With Aucerna Execute

    Aucerna AFE, Capital Budgeting, Well Delivery, and Operational Scheduling have some very clear connections into Quorum applications. This session discusses the plans to integrate the solutions.

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