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Cloud Rescue Series Part 1: The Document Digitization Lifecycle

Storage, access, and data sharing are three of the most common document management challenges that are solved with digitization. From physical files to viewing a document on your phone, this webinar will teach you how to transform your business processes and improve your workflows with cloud-based document management.

Hear from subject matter experts with Quorum Software and DataBank IMX on the comprehensive process and value gained with a cloud-based document solution, from scanning and digitizing your documents to managing the data in Dynamic Docs.

This webinar provides a better understanding of:

  • E&P needs for a document management solution
  • How the document digitization process works
  • How to improve document access and analysis
  • Helpful document management integrations

Watch the complete 3-part Cloud Rescue Webinar Series hosted by Quorum and DataBank IMX:

  • Part 2: Merit Energy’s Document Management Journey
  • Part 3: Camino Natural Resource’s Document Digitization Strategy