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ESG Sustainability Metrics Part 2: Water Management and Recycling

We will take a deep dive into how Job Materials work in Enersight and how to build this into your drilling steps to model the correct amounts of materials and associated capital. Additionally, we will learn how to build functions based on the job materials and how we can use that to build in additional model functionality.

Further, we will go in-depth on how to model tanks and ponds, how these can be used to hold production volumes. Jason will then show you how these volumes can be released or trucked out at repeating or customized time intervals.

Finally, we will integrate the Job Materials and Tank modelling with the scheduler step logic. This will allow us to empty tanks based on job material volumes, and even wait for enough water to be available, before moving forward with the scheduled task.

You will come out of this session with a deep understanding of how you can begin to look at Water Management and Recycling in Enersight, integrate job materials and tank modeling, create and understand some new advanced custom functions, and be able to build your schedule out with new and improved scheduling conditions.