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Accounting Strategies for an Unaccountable Year

Recently, the oil and gas industry has been faced with a number of challenges from production decline, to price reductions, and increased M&A activity. As we continue to learn how to navigate the changing landscape, how are companies adapting their oil and gas accounting processes and finding new efficiencies as priorities shift? In this webinar, you’ll hear perspectives from industry leaders and learn how digital transformation can help you get ahead of your business objectives.

Paul Horak, Partner with Deloitte and Touche speaks to current market and technology trends with the oil and gas industry. CPA, Robert Todd Graves shares his perspectives on the digitization of accounting processes and leveraging oil and gas accounting software to meet your objectives.

In this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • Market impacts to oil and gas accounting
  • Adapting accounting processes through technology
  • New regulations, future predictions, and how to prepare