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Using Aucerna Portfolio for A&D Activity​

EPISODE 2: You want how much? Assess the Real Value of A&D Opportunities

In episode 2 of the Aucerna Portfolio series, we will watch how Kosatka uses portfolio analysis to evaluate several acquisition opportunities as well as a large divestment opportunity. By using portfolio analysis, Kosatka has a holistic view of what these opportunities mean for the company and places them in a more powerful negotiating position with their potential buyers and sellers.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can gain further insights into the value of your enterprise’s acquisition and divestment (A&D) opportunities when you consider how identified A&D opportunities fit inside your medium to long-term goals. We will discuss how you can use portfolio techniques to bolster your negotiating position. We will also discuss how a portfolio approach can help you craft divestment opportunities and to aid your hunt for acquisitions.

Topics covered will include: 

  • Evaluating A&D opportunities using a portfolio approach 
  • Improving your negotiating position with a portfolio perspective 
  • Using portfolio to craft better divestment packages 
  • Using portfolio to aid your hunt for new assets