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Using Aucerna Portfolio for A&D Activity​

EPISODE 6: What is Our Response? – How to Develop a Response Plan Before an Event Occurs

In the final episode of our Aucerna Portfolio Series, we see how Kosatka Energy asks the tough questions such as: What are the impacts of favorable and unfavorable outcomes for our projects and opportunities? Can we still meet your objectives if those events occur? Can we create a response plan? By the end of the episode, Kosatka confronts the possibility of a major risk to one of its investment opportunities, and using portfolio analysis, crafts a response plan. With this final analysis in place, Kosatka is able to present to its shareholders a strategic plan that delivers on company’s strategic vision and demonstrates resiliency in an uncertain world.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can evaluate the impact that uncertainty plays when it comes to the opportunities in your portfolio. We discuss how to create response plans before unfavorable outcomes occur. In these uncertain times, it is critical that companies understand the impact of uncertain outcomes, favorable and unfavorable on their strategic goals. We will examine how companies that wish to stay on course with their strategic goals use portfolio analysis to build response plans to uncertain outcomes.

Topics covered will include:

  • Incorporation of uncertainty into portfolio analysis
  • Assessing the impact of uncertain outcomes on your strategic objectives
  • Using portfolio analysis to craft response plans