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Using Aucerna Portfolio for A&D Activity​

EPISODE 5: The View from the Top is the Same – The Value of Creating Multiple Pathways

In our second to last episode, we observed how Kosatka uses portfolio analysis to evaluate multiple pathways to achieve its strategic goals. Kosatka asks questions such as: Are there different strategies that we can follow to meet our goals? What are the tradeoffs for those different strategies? What are the potential risks? By the end of the episode, Kosatka selects a strategic path by which to steer the company.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can create multiple pathways to fulfil your enterprise’s strategic goals. In these uncertain times, it is critical that companies chart out more than one pathway to deliver their medium and long-term goals and to manage risks. We will discuss how you can use portfolio techniques to identify business pathways, evaluate the trade-offs of those pathways, and assess the risks of pursuing one pathway over another.

Topics covered will include:

  • Identifying different pathways contained in your portfolio
  • Evaluating the trade-offs of different pathways
  • Assessing the uncertainty and risks of different pathways
  • Determining if additional pathways can be developed using acquisitions and divestitures