Reserves & Economics

  • MOSAIC by Quorum Software

    MOSAIC by Quorum Software

    Improve reserves processing time from five weeks down to five days on average.

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  • Whitecap Resources Customer Success Story

    Whitecap Resources Customer Success Story

    Whitecap Resources’ successful executive team relies on specialized E&P software to streamline A&D, budgeting, and reserves — through 19 major acquisitions and 4 companies.

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  • MOSAIC Petroleum Economics

    MOSAIC Petroleum Economics

    Rely on the fastest, most complete economic engine for the best decisions, at the right time, with the most accurate data.

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  • myQuorum Integrated Upstream1:49

    myQuorum Integrated Upstream

    myQuorum Integrated Upstream delivers centralized and clean data to reduce manual efforts and provide pervasive, enterprise-wide access to contextually-relevant information.

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  • Enabling Reserves and Reservoir Engineers to Shift into High Gear 11:24

    Enabling Reserves and Reservoir Engineers to Shift into High Gear

    Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Sarah-Jane Petti, MOSAIC’s Product Owner, discuss the benefits of how MOSAIC can help engineering teams improve and tune processes.

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  • MOSAIC Reserves Management

    MOSAIC Reserves Management

    Deliver immediate economic results to stakeholders with unified reserves management that is accurate, secure, and auditable.

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  • Perpetual Energy Customer Success Story

    Perpetual Energy Customer Success Story

    Perpetual Energy Inc. partners with MOSAIC to establish process improvement for engineers, and one source of truth for reserves management and budget planning.

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  • MOSAIC Capital Management

    MOSAIC Capital Management

    Focus on critical decisions that support your business strategy through efficient tracking, review, and reforecasting of capital.

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  • MOSAIC Budget Planning

    MOSAIC Budget Planning

    Create confidence in budget, planning, and forecasting across teams to drive greater insight throughout your business.

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  • The HFS Hot Vendors Q2 2018

    The HFS Hot Vendors Q2 2018

    Learn why Quorum was designated as HFS Hot Vendors based on our rigorous five-step assessment over the course of Q2 2018.

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  • Why Quorum2:24

    Why Quorum

    Find out why energy companies across the energy value chain continue to trust Quorum software and services to help them solve critical business challenges.

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  • IDC Report: Quorum Transforming in the New Oil and Gas Market

    IDC Report: Quorum Transforming in the New Oil and Gas Market

    IDC Report: Discover Quorum's platform and learn how it aligns with changes in the upstream and midstream software markets.

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  • Design myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum1:13

    Design myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum

    Seize on new market opportunities by designing new solutions.

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  • Evolution not Revolution

    Evolution not Revolution

    Evolve your business, from the field to the back office, by rethinking the utilization of technology and aligning it with the strategies that help drive growth and profit.

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  • Building the Modern Energy Workplace

    Building the Modern Energy Workplace

    Examine the coordination and fusion of strategy, culture, and technologies necessary to ensure that transformation efforts don’t fail and that value is captured through improvements.

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  • Develop myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum0:53

    Develop myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum

    Drive constant automation and optimization with a flexible, robust SDK.

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  • About Quorum1:00

    About Quorum

    Quorum offers an industry-leading portfolio of finance, operations and accounting software that empowers energy companies of all sizes to conquer their most complex business challenges.

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  • Deploy myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum0:59

    Deploy myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum

    Speed time to market with cloud-based deployment and update capabilities.

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  • myQuorum Design Studio

    myQuorum Design Studio

    Discover our powerful suite of web-based tools built on myQuorum and designed to help administrators and developers extend and personalize myQuorum applications.

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  • Conquer myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum3:29

    Conquer myQuorum Design Studio | Quorum

    Put digital transformation to work for you and conquer the energy industry.

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