Weathering the Data Storm

Instead of selecting best-of-breed applications, companies that choose a single platform for their upstream suite have seen an increase in overall business agility, operational efficiency, and have transitioned personnel to a modern energy workforce. Departments in E&P companies are drawn into selecting best-of-breed applications for reasons that are valid when looked at in the vacuum of a single department.

Reasons why E&P companies select best-of-breed:

  • Choosing products with the most features and functions;
  • Decisions are made in organizations silos;
  • The illusion of increased flexibility by working with specialized vendors;
  • The assumption that maintenance and upgrades can be performed on one system without affecting the others; and
  • The ability to improve processes for a single department.

But most companies ignore the real expense, which is not the software but the total cost of ownership that comes with installing, deploying, maintaining, supporting, and upgrading multiple applications.

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