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Previso – A Compositional Gas Forecasting Tool That Runs in Minutes Not Hours

Integrated production models bring together multiple disciplines – from production planners to subsurface and process engineers. Previso allows the creation of each facet of the production system within a single software package. From simple to extremely complex reservoir and production systems, ranging from several to thousands of wells, Previso can handle daily, monthly forecasting in a matter of minutes. The fact that it can achieve this in minutes, is what will revolutionize your forecasting workflow and effort. In a single file, you can now generate hundreds of cases and quantify all your uncertainties in a practical timeframe.

By modelling the reservoir fluid compositionally, Previso can also define multiple products associated with gas-condensate developments and allow you to optimize, prioritize and constrain the forecast to any product ‘on the fly’ without any complicated post-processing.

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