Castleton Resources: Profile in Modernization

Read about how Castleton Resources embarked on their modernization journey and how they have grown the company and increased the value of their organization for investors.

In this profile you will learn how Castleton:
- Evaluated ERP systems and why they selected Quorum
- Integrated new team members from acquisitions
- Developed common strategic goals to align employees and strengthen culture
- Prioritized the technologies they were adopting 

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Our growth mindset is at the forefront of every decision we make. Our focus is to grow the company and increase value for customers."

Castleton Resources - Jan L. Schott - EVP & Chief Financial Officer

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We chose FLOWCAL as our software solution to avoid the expense of a large IT department and to work with a partner who could grow with us."

Scout Energy Partners - Phil Archer - Head of Measurement Data Services

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